Location scouting

Jojo & I had to take her cousin Marie back to the airport after a long night out in downtown with the plan to go scout locations for my next shoots. But first, we set off to eat at Tajima because.. #HANGRY. There was this dope STI sitting on work emotions (discontinued) on the way and I couldn't help me take a photo of it. Good set up, bro. 

Bobby reminded me to check out this Tajima location while I was in the area so why not try it out before heading out to the canyons. Jojo said she'd rate it 4/5 compared, and I'd agree with her too. The soup was pretty good, and with trying fat noodles for the first time, it wasn't too bad. My chashu fried rice was bland.. like the other locations so that's the last time I'll be getting that again lol. 

Onwards to Ramona, we found an area good enough to use my drone and fortunately we arrived with the sunset at the right time so when the day of the shoot comes, we'll be ready. On the way back we ran into an area next Jessica's old place, along with a cool arrangement of mailboxes!