JB & Monique's baby shower

We attended the baby shower of Sawyer by JB & Monique and it was mad fun despite leaving a little bit early to head back to the shop. Any events with the team + friends usually turns out into a mini car show, if not better than most car meets San Diego (lol). Thank you for having us guys! I would have taken more shots inside but we were too busy stuffing our faces with White Castle sliders haha.

Down a the shop, we wrapped up some unfinished business with the Ferrari FR-S and ended up shooting David's E46 for the heck of it. Sam & I thought it was a good idea to try light painting, regardless of never trying it before. I was using a suuuuper small light bar which didn't really help. Fortunately there was a 4 foot light bar that David had, so we used it to paint his car! Came out mad sick after probably 15+ tries lol