Super Saturday

While at work today, I got an email from a photographer wanting to trade my 24L for a 16-35L 2.8.. its funny because my intentions were to get the 16-35 once someone bought the 24L. What a good way to start my day.. with a new lens! To kick off the weekend, I hit up Joe, Jamie and Tom if they wanted to go to LA with us. We haven't had the time to all hang out for a while so what a perfect day to do so. 

I had to wait for Jojo to get off work at 5pm so I decided to head down to La Mesa to meet up with the person who wanted to trade lenses. We ended up talking about photos and business for good hour, then we traded more contact information and went our way.  I decided to meet up with Project Zero before leaving La Mesa because they were working on Jay's car in National City

Jay's car was going through a suspension change by going with an air bag set up which allowed him to fully adjust his height whenever he wanted. In the photos below, you could see them cutting up wood to place the air tank and compressors that would manage the air through out the suspension. Daniel came over before he went to work because his trunk latch wouldn't keep it closed. Thankfully painters tape kept it down LOL (Get that fixed mayne). Once 5pm hit, I left Nasty City to meet up with Jojo and see everyone in temecula and head out to LA to eat and go to Round 1 (which I ended up taking a nap though out lol). We ate at Cham Sut Gol which is our go-to spot for Korean BBQ in Rowland Heights and the servers and workers know us there as regulars thanks to Tom haha. I recommend this place to anyone (AYCE BBQ, SUSHI and Ice cream!)