A few weeks ago, I made a visit to Georges Camera in North Park to find a tripod square(thanks Calvin for the hook up) and just as I exited there was this tall dude that asked if I took photos or did video. His name was Cedric. I replied back telling him I did both so we exchanged numbers after he said he needed shots and some work done. After a few meetings with him discussing ideas over lots of ramen and boba, we were able to lay out how to get him 'out there'.

This random guy off the street is a purpose-filled enthusiast, energetic and full of life to succeed in the music industry (or life in general). I agreed to accompany his journey and to hopefully succeed in everything we're about jump into. Dispute my schedule being super packed with moving houses, multiple projects and my funky work schedule, I'm really looking forward to all this. 

I contacted Brian and Cedric to practice recording for one of Cedric's songs, take a couple shots and eventually get something to eat.. and you guessed it. Ramen!