Tumblr Girls

Dope track by G-Eazy featuring Christoph Andresson about tumblr girls. its funny I barely ran into this today. I started tumblr back in 2008 with all the indie word based blogs filled with kodak photos and shots from disposable film, to tumblarity and tumblr meetups, the rise of underground mixtapes, cdj's, fashion blogs, and to the current superficial masses trying to keep up with the Jones'. It was fun reading all the blogs from users that expressed themselves religiously while it lasted but it seems, visually, its all dumbed down to meme's and showing a lot of skin (with the occasional porn). But there is a handful that still do post quality word posts. Overall, I still enjoy the youth that tumblr still has but that varies on who you follow as well. Whatever it is today, it helped me reach out to many friends who I still call good friends today and helped me shape myself in many ways emotionally, mentally and creatively. I still use it to this day.