We had the chance to stay over at Joe and Jamie's new house (which is hella nice, so thank you guys!) after Rowland Heights last night. We still had to go back to LA to pick up video gear we were suppose to pick up last night despite just being there. But that's okay! Because that means more different food to try that we don't usually have in San Diego haha.

We had a quick snack at in n out before hitting the freeway, only to run in to my old friend Jordan! I haven't seen him since he left to teach in Korea 4 years ago. I used to B-Boy with him in high school, and he has definitely got to be one of the most humblest and brightest people I've ever met. It was great seeing you again, buddy.

We hit the freeway and stopped by Half & Half to get that good-good Coffee smoothie and made our way to Universal City. We had to pick up video gear that my partner helped me invest in to get started with video productions. If you're reading this Ray, you're the best lol. Heading home, we stopped by the Citadel Outlet and were hungry af. Jojo and I always contemplated on trying Pokinometry for their poke bowls, so why not a better time than to stop by. We both ordered 2 medium bowls with Tuna, Salmon, Shrimp and Scallops with all the toppings on it. With its 1,900 reviews and 4 Star rating on yelp, I don't blame them, this shit was bomb.