Bros and Jo

The guys came decided to come down from Temecula, San Marcos and Escondido to hang out and get grub so I dusted off my 5D and went on my way with Jo. They wanted to stop by Balboa park to see the sights, and the weather was perfect! What a better day to be with my best buds. 

We ran into a group of shibas which is pretty freakin' awesome. Joseph owns 1 himself (Named Jetson). Afterwards, I took everyone to the forest area of Balboa park and took random shots of each other there which had pretty awesome lighting. 

Hungry as we were, we headed towards Hinotez to get grub and beers after getting messy at Balboa. We spent a good amount of time catching up, mostly cheering for each others accomplishments and future goals. These guys are going to have to be one of the best support systems we've had for each other and I wouldn't have it any other way because of the roots we created with each other. I can see all of us going a long way.