Valentines Day

Every year, Valentines day presents itself as a day to express our love to our significant other, and thats just what it is to me! It's basically just another day to express myself to my S.O., just with an addition of a bundle of flowers. Nonetheless, I love a good time like every time we go out even if it's not V-day. 

I had work followed by a photo shoot before Valentines Day so I bought flowers and a special card for Jojo on my way home, and to my surprise opening her door, she presented to me a chicken bouquet! Hahah. It was so awesome. It even had carrot sticks and ranch all from Wings and Things on BBQ sticks! I was so damn hungry, I couldn't help myself but eat it right then and there.. with a side of rice of course!

The following morning, I had plans to bring Jojo to a few places I had in mind in hopes that it wasn't too crowded due to V-day,  so I had to wake her up multiple times (bad idea) around 7am, past her snooze alarms and my annoying hugs lol. Fortunately we both got ready by 8 and left the house and onwards we went.

Our first visit was a fail because traffic had centralized around the Getty because it was the go-to spot for LA residents so fortunately I had a Plan B: LA County's Arboretum & Botanic Garden. It was an amazing, tranquil place, and I would definitely recommend it to anyone for a change in scenery away from the city life LA has. Afterwards, I had planned to visit Urth Cafe as we've never been there before aside from the its great reviews we've heard. It didn't disappoint (Well, the smoothies didn't haha)! The wait was too long and it didn't meet my time-frame for our next destination. 

The next and last visit was The Broad. I've set reservations for this museum back in November, so I assumed the people I was waiting with in line had been waiting for that long as well. There was a different line for walk-in's but it took at least 1-2 hours for them to get in, compared to our 30 minute wait. The gallery and exhibits they had was amazing and I enjoyed the different pieces they had up. And hungry as we were and always are, we went to eat at Umami Burger to end the night and took a stroll across the street to Little Tokyo.

I skipped out on lot of missing detail, but it would be a whole wall of text to read so I just left in the main parts of the day. Cheers!