Parts Run

On the search for DMAX parts for my S14, I found DMAX skirts on a Facebook group for 240sx parts. I’ve had my eye on these skirts for a while, and I couldn’t pass on the deal, but the 2 hour drive to south LA wasn’t so promising. Nonetheless, I decided to pick them up because the only way to get these skirts was a shipment from Japan with a 2-3 month wait! So I packed up, picked up Joanne and we were on our way.

Upon arrival, I met Jaime who owned the garage who was super chill. Outside was a Subaru Gc8, an incomplete S13 on Work vs-KF’s, and a clean tan S14. Once I went inside the garage, I was up for a surprise.. a Mazda Rx-7!

The Rx-7 was Jamie’s car which was going through a suspension and body kit change. I remember seeing it on the internet (in better condition) many times but who knew Jamie was the owner? I didn’t, but I’m glad I do now. Beside Jamie was this guy named Allan who was actually the owner of the tan s14 outside, and he was wearing a Japanese shirt I had at home. I mentioned I had the same shirt because it was one of my favorites and next thing he says was he was one of the designers of the shirt! Really cool.

Before heading home, we met up with Joanne’s best friends Tony and Krisy for a double date at my personal favorite Kbbq spot: J Korean BBQ. I’ve been going to this restaurant since 2012 and I've even brought Project Zero here multiple years filling up the whole store with 25+ persons. A hilarious sight haha. After KBBQ we said our goodbyes and we were feanin’ for Cheese Roll’s, so 7 miles later we had 2 dozen to-go.