Project Zero Friendsgiving

People usually ask me, "What is Project Zero?" well, let me tell you about my second family. 

Project Zero is a car team based out of San Diego. A collaborated effort of car enthusiasts who primarily got together for car shows and car meets. Over time, a brotherhood was made out of individuals all across SoCal (LA, OC & mostly San Diego), creating a bond that changed friends into family. Being in PZ for 2 years now, I was able to meet many new faces, gain more knowledge about cars, and especially life lessons from these guys. Sure, to be in the team was to have the car as well, but who made the car? Someone did, and that certain someone had to be a 'right fit' in the team. So, I'm sure its safe to say that everyone in the team right now has a role of their own. But no matter what it was, we would have each others back. And to have each others back, was to have trust. 

To trust someone with their own time, effort, and resource is a big sacrifice considering how inconsiderate society has become towards one another. But in this case, Project Zero is one exception. We choose to be there for each other because we KNOW we'll be there for each other. You name it. Broken down on the side of the road? They'll be there. Car trouble? Be right there. Girlfriend problems? Here's my shoulder buddy. But theres much more to it.

The exclusive effort this car team has to offer is nothing I can imagine anywhere else because we know our common goal and purpose is to have fun and enjoy the most out of life and cars have been our way to channel it. Others have fishing, skiing, skateboarding, drawing. Ours? Fixing cars, cruising and everything that comes with having fun (boba runs, eating together, big parties, car shows hours away is some of them.)

Well thats the gist of it. Other than that, Project Zero is the name, fun is the game.